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MGM Resorts Faces Allegations of Illicit Online Casino Activities in Japan

Hey there, folks! Today, we're diving into some spicy news about MGM Resorts and their recent adventure in Japan. So, buckle up, because this one's going to be a wild ride!

The Big Plans in Japan

First things first, let's talk about MGM Resorts' big ambitions in Japan. They teamed up with the city of Osaka and scored the very first casino license in the country back in April. Can you believe it? And get this—they're planning to build a jaw-dropping $10 billion integrated resort complex on an artificial island called Yumeshima. Now, that's what I call a grand plan!

A Little Bump in the Road

But wait, there's a little twist in the plot! Enter the Society for Considering Gambling Addiction Problems, or SCGA for short. These folks recently dropped a bombshell— they're calling for MGM's license to be revoked and want the whole building project to be put on hold. Drama alert!

The Allegations

So, what's the SCGA's beef with MGM Resorts? Well, they're accusing them of getting some shady gains from none other than LeoVegas, a Swedish operator they acquired last year. Apparently, LeoVegas was up to some online casino shenanigans in Japan, and the SCGA claims that it was not playing by the rules.

A Serious Accusation

The SCGA alleges that LeoVegas had its sights set on Japanese players through those sneaky online casino websites. And you know what? That's a big no-no in Japan! They've got some strict rules when it comes to organized crime, and if you're caught in the act, you could be disqualified from being a key player in any Japanese integrated resort. Ouch!

MGM's Clap Back

But hold on, folks! MGM Resorts isn't taking these accusations lying down. They came out swinging with a fiery denial, calling the claims "groundless" and "completely unacceptable." You go, MGM!

On their Japan-facing corporate website, they made it crystal clear that promoting responsible gaming is their jam. They're all about providing a safe and world-class integrated resort in Osaka. So, they're not backing down without a fight!

A Quick Look Back

Let's rewind a bit, shall we? MGM decided to team up with LeoVegas in a whopping $607 million deal. Both the LeoVegas brand and its Royal Panda sibling were doing their thing in Japan. But guess what? They shook hands on a deal to gracefully exit the country by August 2022, and everything was wrapped up in September. A clean break, you could say!

The Verdict?

Alright, folks, now we're waiting for the next chapter in this saga. Will the SCGA's petition hold water? Or will MGM Resorts come out on top and continue their epic casino project in Japan? Time will tell!


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